The Travel Federation of Iowa (TFI) is a statewide, grassroots organization dedicated to growing Iowa’s tourism industry through advocacy and education.


The purpose of the Travel Federation of Iowa (TFI) is to provide a unified advocacy voice of Iowa’s travel industry.  Iowa’s travel-related businesses, destinations and attractions work together through TFI to contribute to the growth of Iowa’s economy and enhance the authentic visitor experience to Iowa.


Originally, the travel industry in Iowa coordinated efforts through the Iowa Travel Council. The Iowa Travel Council consisted of representatives from various tourism organizations within the state. The council consisted of one staff person and one board member from each entity.

By the early 1990’s, industry members felt the structure needed to be changed and the Travel Federation of Iowa (TFI) was created. TFI was formed to provide a unified advocacy voice for the Iowa tourism industry. The TFI board members are selected by each of the three regions. Annually, the group holds advocacy events/surveys and started the Iowa Tourism Legislative Showcase. TFI is also involved in hosting the Iowa Tourism Conference and co-sponsoring the annual Iowa Tourism Industry Awards.

Today, the TFI board consists of 15 members. Four tourism industry representatives as well as each region director. The primary funding for their efforts comes from the three regions as well as event sponsors and funds raised through advocacy events. The group utilizes District Leaders from each legislative district in Iowa to carry out local advocacy efforts and contracts for professional lobbying services. In 2015, TFI led efforts to create the Iowa Tourism Sector Plan.

On average, each domestic travel dollar produced 5.8 cents in tax revenue for Iowa's state government.

On the average, every $128,080 spent by domestic travelers in Iowa directly supported one job in 2018.

Research shows that nearly one-third of new residents first visited their communities as tourists.

Each domestic travel dollar produced 1.4 cents for local tax coffers.