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District leaders are tourism advocates that volunteer to be the Travel Federation of Iowa’s primary contact for elected officials in a legislative district.

These volunteers are tourism professionals that communicate with legislators in their area, and help them understand the importance of tourism to local economies, and put the local spin on tourism-related policies being debated at the State Capitol.

TFI likes to have at least two (2) District Leaders in each district in order for our message to be loud and clear.

District Leaders sign up or renew their commitment to being a District Leader each year at the Iowa Tourism Conference.

To be a district leader, you must:

  • Have an email address.
  • Support and promote Iowa tourism.
  • Agree to be a leader for a year.

Annually, district leaders:

  • Organize meetings with their assigned legislators before the legislative session to discuss TFI and local tourism priorities.
  • Answer the TFI Policy Priorities Survey (10-15 questions, sent each summer.)
  • Attend an advocacy training or district leader orientation (online or in-person.)

As directed, district leaders:

  • Respond promptly to advocacy alerts and calls to action.
  • Work as a team if there are multiple volunteers in a legislative district.
  • Relay what you hear to the Legislative Chair, who will work with lobbyists for appropriate follow-up.
  • Make sure at least one tourism representatives attends local legislative coffees or town hall meetings (TFI sends a list of these out weekly during sessions.)

Be a District Leader