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Legislative Issues

Funding Alert!! | March 10, 2021

By Legislative Issues

Tourism Funding Needs Your Help!!
Increase In Both Chambers Will NOT Survive Without Your Advocacy

For the first time EVER, the tourism industry has legislation in both legislative chambers that would more than double funding to the IEDA for tourism marketing. House File 789 (Link) and Senate File 475 (Link) both contain a $5 million allocation from Alcohol Beverages Division receipts directly to the Iowa Economic Development Authority for tourism marketing.

HF 789 is currently in the House Ways & Means Committee and SF 475 is in the Senate Appropriations Committee. Both are funnel proof, but we are miles and miles away from seeing this new money enacted. We need the industry to step forward on this and be talking with your legislators!

The Iowa Economic Development Authority currently spends about $1.94 million on tourism and marketing, so replacing that with $5 million would be game-changing for the industry. Contact your legislators today and tell them you support higher funding for tourism, an industry that got hammered during the past year. Tell your story!!

Iowa Tourism Proposed Funding from IEDAIowa Tourism Proposed Funding from IEDA

TFI Issue Alert: Hotel/Motel Tax

By Legislative Issues

TFI District Leaders: Local governments need your help on Hotel/Motel tax changes!

As you probably know, under current law, a person renting a room is exempt from paying the hotel/motel tax on any stay that exceeds 31 days. Once they exceed 31 days, they are not responsible for paying ANY tax on their stay. TFI has been supporting efforts (HF 2131) to extend this to 90 days to prevent organizations from gaming the system to avoid paying the tax.